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Corporate Training

AGC's affiliate, AGC Focal Point, is a certified trainer, facilitator and liscensee of Brian Tracy International (BTI).  For three decades, BTI has been recognised as one of the world’s premier training and development companies. Millions of individuals and business organisations in many countries have solved a range of personal, professional, and organisational challenges through these services.


Portfolio clients consists of companies of all sizes: from small, entrepreneurial firms to large Fortune 500 multi-nationals; as well as educational establishments, financial institutions, government branches, and other organisations world-wide. The excellent selection of business and personal training programs we offer are considered by our clients to be instrumental in setting the foundation for excellence in personal development, leadership, goal-setting, time-management, team building, communicating, sales training, and many other strategic corporate and personal initiatives.


Our popular training programs have over 4 million graduates worldwide and are renowned for sustained, positive behavioral change.  Our goal based training is designed to increase productivity, decrease costs, boost sales, improve staff motivation and more.  We seek bottum line results and an excellent return on investment. Contact us now for more information.

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